Gut Symptom Workbook

Do you suspect you may have Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), but aren’t sure what to do about it?

It’s really important to receive a medical diagnosis of IBS because symptoms of IBS can overlap with other diseases. Seeking medical attention for abnormal bowel habits and pain ensures you receive an accurate diagnosis and an appropriate treatment plan for you and your situation. 

The Gut Symptom Workbook has been designed to help you pinpoint your symptoms and guide you to seek medical support. Download your copy now!

Belly Bloat Relief Challenge

Have you been medically diagnosed with IBS? Do you experience painful bloating? Chances are if you have IBS, bloating is one of your main symptoms! 

While some bloating and gas are considered a normal part of digestion, for people with IBS it is one of the most common, and uncomfortable, symptoms. The low FODMAP diet is often recommended to people with diagnosed IBS, but it is not the only option available. 

The 5-Day Belly Bloat Relief Challenge examines some common bloating triggers and helps you determine if the low FODMAP diet is the right course of action for you.